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On a cold, rainy January day I was sitting in my sweatpants, strumming my guitar and bemoaning the fact that my band The Mustangs had just experienced one of our worst holiday seasons ever. Previous years had seen us make at least a quarter of our annual income between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve were steady sources of big money. That holiday season (2009) I think we had two jobs. So, feeling sorry for myself I was sitting around picking on some melancholy tunes, Simon and Garfunkel’s’ “America” being one of them.

As I was fumbling around for the chords I looked over to my then 15-year-old daughter Sammie and asked her if she’d ever heard the song. She said no so I pulled it up on some Internet song server and let her hear it. Having inherited great taste in music from me, she loved it at once. Looking for anything to do on such a dreary day, I hopped up, went downstairs to the studio and laid down a rhythm track and lead vocal. When I was done I somehow convinced Sammie to come down and fool around with those intricate Garfunkel harmonies. I am so glad I did.